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Help and tips on how to use accessibility features

Larger text

You can toggle between larger text or smaller text instead of the default medium sized text.

Acronyms and abbreviations

All acronyms and abbreviations are tagged with explanations or expansions. Hovering your pointer over an acronym or abbreviation may show you its expansion. However, behaviour varies between user agents (browsers).


Tables are only used for tabular data - not for cute layouts.
All tables have captions and summary text. Whether summary text is shown depends on your user agent (browser). All rows and columns have marked headers.


Any information conveyed graphically has a textual equivalent.
All images and icons have 'alt text'.

Style sheets

 A useful site,, allows you to download free "style sheet" (CSS) files that allow users of Internet Explorer to view web sites in their preferred colours and font sizes. The style sheets cover five font sizes, 10 colour combinations and the option to add or remove underlining and bold text; and they can be used with or instead of screen magnification software.

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